Ramona Rosales

Outside the Lines

July 10 – August 24, 2014

Ramona Rosales: Outside the Lines (installation view), July 10 - August, 2014

Ramona Rosales: Outside the Lines (installation view), July 10 - August, 2014

Press Release

De Soto Gallery is pleased to present Outside the Lines, an exhibition of photographs by Ramona Rosales on view from July 10 - August 24, 2014. This is Rosales’ first solo exhibition in Los Angeles. The artist will be present for an opening reception on Thursday, July 10 from 6pm to 8pm.

For her latest project, Rosales creates open-ended narratives, suspending the action just after a moment of impact. The scenarios – kinky, offbeat, playful, modish, and sometimes dark – are linked by a color-popping palette and distinctive styling. In each frame, the subject (visible only from below the knee) appears amidst the aftermath of the scene. Rosales carefully stages each episode: building sets, carefully crafting props, even having much of the footwear made-to-order. Every element becomes a potential signifier with multiple meanings, like a Barthesian narrative meant to be read an infinite number of ways. The plot unfolds at the discretion of the spectator.

The title, Outside the Lines, refers not only to the openness of the storyline but also to the optical effect – the halation, or afterglow – that is produced by prolonged exposure to bright colors. With a nod to Josef Albers and Henry Hensche, Rosales constructs each scene as an experiment to test how extreme color harmonies determine the perception of each narrative. Like her earlier series of color studies (Je Ne Suis Pas Seul Sans Toi, a.k.a. “the Balloon series”) which also will be on view, it is color that plays the title role while the staging, varying only slightly, is the supporting character.

Rosales’ theatrical style is a crossover from her commercial work, shooting Hollywood movers and shakers in unlikely, usually awkwardly comical situations that remind us we’re all human. Similarly, Outside the Lines is about finding the beauty in the everyday, the unexpected moments that make life life.

Ramona Rosales (b. 1978, Los Angeles) received her BFA from Art Center College of Design. Her work has been published in numerous magazines including Elle, GQ, Esquire, and New York Times Magazine. 

Gallery hours are from Thursday thru Sunday, noon to 6pm, and by appointment. For visuals and additional information please contact: Shelley De Soto at shelley@desotogallery.com or 323-253-2255.