Annie Buckley, Mayday

Mayday is part of an interdisciplinary project completed between 2007 and 2014 that includes Hybrids, a series of nine prints of women transforming into trees. A special edition of Hybrids was produced in collaboration with De Soto Gallery along with a limited edition book published by Zenith Books. 

Mayday is the story of a struggling young couple and a 21st century parable about belief and love. It begins when Veronica and Richard break up at the airport. As Veronica walks away from Richard, hoping he will ask her to return, Richard stares silently after her. Before he can decide what to do, she walks into an explosion that leaves her unconscious. Veronica embarks on a trancelike journey to bring hope to the world one person at a time while Richard battles grief and confusion. Alternating chapters follow Veronica’s fantastical rise to fame as a modern-day guru, dreaming her way into the heart of an anxious America, and Richard’s very real struggle to come to terms with the disastrous end of their relationship. The intertwined narratives explore the healing power of love and the fragile complexity of hope on individual, societal, and universal planes. ‚Äč

This book continues author/artist Annie Buckley's exploration of the overlap between art and fiction, and the imaginary and the everyday, positing narrative as a form for contemporary art. Her collection of short stories, Navigating Ghosts (2007), was published with the collaborative interdisciplinary project, Nothing Moments, which traveled to galleries in five states and included readings at Art Catalogues, MOCA, and Printed Matter, NYC. Her novel, Psychic Outlaws (2010), was published by Luckman Gallery, Los Angeles, as part of a group exhibition of the same title, with work inspired by the story.