He has suspended dancers in the air, and captured subjects levitating in the supermarket aisle. A little over three years ago, Mr. Darzacq began collaborating with individuals with physical and learning disabilities to create his study "Act," a meditation on body mechanics. The French photographer is a master at using bodies as fluid expressionism, from those who can maneuver, contort and manipulate their movements, as seen in his earlier floating mid-air subjects, to those who find it challenging and sometimes frustrating, in "Act."

Mr. Darzacq, whose photos are in the Société Générale collection and the Centre Pompidou, worked for many years as a photojournalist, but the time finally came when he no longer wanted to make work that required editorial justification. "I decided I wanted to evoke complex or metaphorical situations on my own," he recalls, speaking from his home in Paris. "That was the moment I became a true artist."