Even now, when the strangest of bedfellows aren't so strange anymore, the materials brought together in "Doublemix" at De Soto Gallery in Venice induce a shudder of surprise.

Photographer Denis Darzacq and ceramic artist Anna Lüneman have collaborated on a series in which sculptural fragments in clay are embedded into the surface of photographic prints.

Conceptually, the combination sets off sparks, a fruitful friction between the primal medium and the digital, between tactile and immaterial, enduring and fleeting. Visually, though, the results are mixed. The best works don't baffle but beguile; they stage a dialogue between the two-dimensional images by the Parisian photographer and the three-dimensional forms by the French sculptor based in Belgium. In one wonderfully odd piece, the right side of a statue of a standing figure morphs into an unwieldy clay prosthesis, a doodle that oozes down beside and beneath the statue's base, to end in a glossy gray knob.