Joaquin Trujillo Featured in Blink Magazine Issue #43

Joaquin Trujillo is a Mexico-reaised, Brooklyn-based photographer whose bold images present a historic visual narrative through a contemporary lens. Trujillo's buoyant and colorful character infuses his still-lifes and portraiture with a living quality, demanding a suitably vibrant stage to present his work. 

When he was a child growing up in Hermita de Guadalupe, Mexico, Trujillo recalls his mother preparing the family for the all-important family portraits. These photographs were declarations of the Trujillo family pride and self-worth. It was an elaborate affair, where everyone looked their best in specially chosen clothes and well-groomed hair. Drawing inspiration from his fond childhood memories, each of the following portraits acts as a visual testament to the photographer and the potential and ambitious intentions of its young subject. As a series, it offers a striking and elegant portrayal of a culture that cherishes not only modern values of beauty, grace and style, but also classic and perhaps even romantic ideals of dignity and valor.