From surreal photography to sticker mandalas, here are 10 innovative artists at the upcoming exhibition:

1. Ye Hongxing 
The Chinese artist creates mandalas, fairytale story scenes, and landscapes using a collage of brightly-colored childrens stickers. She'll be exhibiting her work with the gallery ART LEXING.

2. Jim Osman
Jim Osman sculpts playful geometric structures, "re-contextualizing objects" to form new shapes. His work is part of Lesley Heller's exhibition. 

3. Michael Marra
New York-based Michael Marra clustered six dozen martini glasses into one shimmering chandelier for his piece Chandelini. The hanging sculpture is lit with candelabra-based bulbs in the center, according to Voltz Clarke, where the work currently resides.

4. Charlie Engman
Uprise Art will present the work of Charlie Engman, whose past pieces have been featured in high fashion magazines and advertisements. 

5. Maia Naveriani
Maia Naveriani, who will be represented by Project Artbeat, uses colored pencils to transform memories into visuals that resemble collages. "As a woman artist I have an unavoidable instinctive tendency to first of all address the queries about female identity and consciousness, and its relevance and impact in a contemporary context of dissolved values and ideologies..." she said at Galerie Voss in 2012. 

6. Ruud van Empel
This Dutch artist uses cibachrome, an analog developing technique, to give his photographs the aura of surrealist paintings. His works will be exhibited by WAGNER + PARTNER.

7. Conner Green
The artist describes his Imperia series as a "typological architectural survey," to Pictura Gallery: "Each piece is a densely layered and abstracted composition that depicts an iconic architectural form. The structures themselves are not intended to represent any specific existing structures, but to portray an abstracted composite of different built forms throughout history." To create his works, Green compiles hundreds of architectural buleprints with his own drawings and photographs, and layers them all together.

8. Osamu Yokonami
Presented by the De Soto Gallery, Osamu Yokonami explores "collective identity through group portraiture," according to PULSE.

9. Rachel M. Weiss
Uprise Art will be representing the textile artist, who explores tension and structure with her forms.

10. David Magnusson
Represented by Pictura Gallery, the Swedish photographer "invites you to compare the gestures of each family pair, like the specific position of the father's embrace or whether the girl's eyes are open or closed."