Review of Ramona Rosales: Outside the Lines on

You may know Ramona Rosales by the playful celebrity portraits she takes, including her iconic cover shoot with Tina Fey for BUST back in 2004. But this summer, Rosales’s work takes a new, but no less vibrant, direction. 

Head on down to the De Soto Gallery in Los Angeles, where you can view her new photo series Outside the Lines, on display now through August 24th.

This dreamy series may create the illusion of two dimensions, but it also illustrates a narrative that is meaningful on countless levels. It follows a woman who is only shown from the knees down, and faces a colorful range of domestic disasters, some of which are taken from actual moments of Rosales’s life.

Popping with colors that seem to clash and harmonize simultaneously, Outside the Lines is a humorous yet thought-provoking look at domesticity and the impact of these seemingly trivial accidents on the subject and her home.