Sadie Wechsker, T+000000000053, 2013

Sadie Wechsler is a visual storyteller that uses photography to provoke a dreamlike state that beguiles one into a perceived alternate world. Known for her irrational juxtaposing display of fantasy-like images, Wechsler’s work continually pushes an innate surrealist quality. In her new series Part 1: Redo, Wechsler specifically uses vivid color and high contrast black and white images that are adhered directly to wall without the use of frames. Her mix use of the photographic medium; which includes documentary photography, digital collage, CGI and Photoshop visually transports the viewer into each piece luring into a questionable alternate reality where nothing is quite right and conclusions of the future cannot be drawn. Through this manipulation, the truth emerges through Sadie’s work as we become immediately lucid into a vision of our own world, our own reality and our own lifetime. It is this truth that forces the familiar to be unreliable and our future uncertain as we cosmically reconcile with Wechsler and life’s ambiguities.

Sadie Wechsler’s more recent series, Part 1: Redo is currently on display at De Soto Gallery in Venice, CA until April 30, 2016.