Ivan Forde

De Soto Gallery | FALL 2019

Continuing his practice of remixing classic stories with anachronistic contexts, Ivan Forde is setting out to develop another new origin story — his own. He's headed to his native Guyana, South America where he once freely roamed its sandy hills before immigrating to the US at age 10. For this upcoming exhibition, Ivan will experiment with a range of materials and media (fabrics, prints, etchings, and sound), pushing further into performance and installation. Stay tuned for updates!


Selected exhibitions from our gallery program.

Alma Haser: Cosmic Surgery

November 6 - December 31, 2016

Private reception by invitation. 

De Soto Gallery presents Alma Haser’s Cosmic Surgery. The photographic series has three components: 2D portraits, 3D portraits, and free standing paper sculptures. The exhibition, Haser’s first with the gallery, will include brand new pieces made especially for the occasion. 

Denis Darzacq & Anna Lüneman: Doublemix

May 21 - July 23, 2016

Opening reception: Saturday, May 21, 6-8

De Soto Gallery presents Doublemix, an exhibition by gallery artist, Denis Darzacq, and his collaborator, Anna Lüneman, showcasing selections from their on-going series of photo/sculpture hybrids. Denis will be in attendance for the opening.