Osamu Yokonami

B. 1967 Kyoto, Japan; based in Tokyo

Through rhythmic repetition and seriality, Osamu Yokonami explores identity and cultural homogeneity. His twin series, 1000 Children (2010-2013) and Assembly (on-going since 2010) explore conceptions of selfhood and the range of human emotions, suggesting a reflexive (and essential) congruence between individual expression and communal belonging. A related series, Assembly Snow (2015), is an extension of the original where the forces of nature and culture blur into abstraction. More recently, Osamu has undertaken a new project, After 1000 Children (2017-2018), locating girls from the initial series for side-by-side comparisons of them alongside their younger selves.  

Osamu Yokonami has had recent solo exhibitions in Japan and the United States, and participated in the Daegu Photo Biennial. His personal and commercial work is widely known in Japan, appearing regularly in numerous publications.