Ramona Rosales

B. 1978 Long Beach, California; based in Los Angeles

Ramona Rosales' poppy, stylized images consider notions of domesticity and femininity, especially its articulation in film and television. For Shelter (2014), Rosales cloaked houses in brightly colored fumigation tents on "Blondie Street" — an exterior set on the Warner Bros. backlot that has been used in countless movies and tv series. Outside the Lines (2013), takes another view of family life, with open-ended narratives of housewifely mishaps designed to test how extreme color harmonies affect the perception of ambiguous scenes. Similarly, Je Ne Suis Pas Seul Sans Toi (2012) is a study in extreme color and implied narrative.

Ramona Rosales received a BFA from Art Center College of Design. Known for her candid, offbeat portraits of celebrities, her work appears regularly in numerous publications including The Hollywood Reported, Billboard Magazine, and New York Times Magazine. Her work has been exhibited in the US and Mexico. She is based in Los Angeles.